[Android] Is there a way of having templates?

When I choose note, I get a blank page. I’d want a text file, but with some text already put in.

Is there a way to have templates?

I have edited this to make it a feature request.

Nope, there isn’t.

On Desktop I have a notebook with templates and use Duplicate. Unfortunately this workaround won’t work for mobile, because there’s no Duplicate menu item.

Maybe this could be added. Would that help you?

@laurent what do you think? would it make sense to add the cloning functionality to mobile?

I was surprised to find out the app didn’t have the Duplicate function. I too use a Templates notebook and duplicate notes from there when I need to create a pre-formatted note. It would be really nice to have in the app.

The mobile app GUI is being improved and that will make it easier to add this kind of functionality.

This is something I'd really like. I use templates every day. It's a pain to only be able to use this feature on desktop.

I guess what you want is snippet, which is a feature that all editors have. Of course, vscode also has it. . .