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Hello community.

I've been unable to figure out how to do a few things so I thought I'd finally join up here.

First off, housekeeping before I forget.
1 - 2015 Macbook - macOS 10.15.7 - v1.7.11
1 - 2020 Macbook Air M1 - macOS 11.0.1 - v1.7.11
1- 2015 Lenovo Ideapad Y700 - Windows 10 - v1.7.11.2619
1 - 2018 Android Pixel 2 XL - running CalyxOS 2.5.0 - v1.8.5

Been running with just the 3 laptops for the past two months while I got used to the new phone OS and Joplin. Had some issues with keys but eventually figured those out.

Been trying to get my droid in on the party but I'm guessing the sync's weren't complete... REGARDLESS.

  1. So I see a nice log screen that I can scroll for days but my old eyes don't work well plus it's nice to do analysis in an editor so, is there a means of exporting the log? I was unable to copy it and didn't feel like installing a long screen shot app, OCR, and fiddle with that forever.
  2. I see the nice little 'Export profile' feature which has been nice to look at things, tweak them, etc. Where'd you hide the import so I can get a blank database in there?
  3. Easiest means of blowing everything up and starting fresh, for all 3 OSs if you're feeling generous, just for Android if you couldn't be bothered as I've had enough experience with the others to know how I've done it, albeit it maybe not the best way.

Thanks. I'm enjoying Joplin and look forward to being able to get into the code and start building out some features when I have time.

  1. You can export the log via Configuration > EXPORT DEBUG REPORT
  2. There is currently no import function on mobile. For a blank database or a clean start, go to the OS app settings and delete the local file and cache.
  3. Adding another device (Win, Linux, iOS, MAC, Android) is normally no problem. Simply set up the synchronisation and you're good to go. I do this relatively often on my test devices.

It was pretty non-trivial to just wipe it out as I had a main branch head, although the attachments seem to be a one by one click wait, repeat. Any tips there? Actually, sounds like I should just nuke my dbs all around as I've already did an export of jex.

I've noticed that when Android is syncing, it shows #/100 and when it hits 100, it starts again as 0, where the macs and PC go to 100/150, 150/200 and so on, which gives more assurance that it's getting all 2300 items. And sometimes that 0/100 is 0/94. Just wanted to point it out in case no one else has noticed it.

Not sure why the Android didn't want to play nice. I must have attempted to sync it prior or something because it's always asked me for a password, even though it has the master key from the others showing with a checkmark beside from when I entered the pwd. I'm going to start with the Android just to be safe and then let is sync overnight.

Thanks again McGruber. :slight_smile:

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