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Hi all.
Attachment download option is set to "Manual". It worked fine before upgrading to version 3.
After upgrade, when I tap onto the attachment icon - nothing happens; the application doesn't download the attachment.

If I set the setting to "automatic", then attachments get downloaded when I open a note; no problem.
If I set the setting back to "Manual" - attachments are not downloaded.

Please help to fix that.

Manual does the same for me. The workaround I use is to open the note that has an attachment so Joplin app can read it. Then force quit the app.

When I reopen the app, the note and attachment display fine.

It's not perfect but I don't have to open a lot of notes in succession on mobile so it works well enough for now.

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Silly solution, but I may have to do so.
I have sooooo MANY notes, and many have attachments. I imported from Evernote. UGGH.
I just do not care to see the warning.
Thanks, a LOT.

Thank you for reporting this! I've opened a pull request that should fix this:

(And a separate pull request with a regression test!)

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