Mobile client to sync only needed contents from server

Hi everyone!
I discovered Joplin recently and find it really attractive with the idea of “own my own data”. so I installed the ios client and sync to my pi3 board as webdav sever, and I am considering to replace Evernote with Joplin.
If I want to use Joplin for a long while and the data gets very large on the server. I wonder If It’s possible to achieve the feature:
I can preview the title of all the notes on client app, but only sync(download) the contents if I click on a title.
I realize what I am asking for is more like a client/server application, but Joplin seems to treat all sides equally and sync all data at once.

Partial sync of the notes (having the title locally, but not the body) probably will not happen unfortunately as it’s not how Joplin works.

However a features that has been making its way into Joplin over the past few months is to allow downloading the resources (eg. the attached images, pdf, etc.) on demand, either by clicking on the resource or automatically when opening the note. Depending on your data, for example if you have many images imported form Evernote or Joplin’s web clipper, that can make things faster as there will be a lot less data to download initially.