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Android APK Rollback on Github?

Hello there

I noticed an inconsistency with the Android version on the download and Github page.

The latest Android version should be v2.6.3 according to PlayStore.
However, on the Github release page I find the somewhat outdated v1.8.5 as the "latest" version.

If you look in the WayBackMachine at the only entry from 10.08.2021 you find the version v2.2.3.

Is there a reason why the Android-repo was reverted to version v1.8.5 or is this a mistake?

I think it is just handled in a different way. Check the tags for the latest releases.

Also see here - Android filesystem sync is broken after 2.6.3 update · Issue #5779 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

thank you very much :smiley:

The links on the download-webpage need to be adjusted

I think the preference is that it should link to the releases but the comment I linked to implies there is a problem with Github on that repo with what is shown in the releases which should be the fix.