Alternative to "sync target" phrase?

The phrase “sync target” is used in Joplin to designate the location with which to sync, however I see it’s not frequently used anywhere else.

I wonder if there’s a more commonly used expression we could use instead? (in the UI, etc.)

Just because not many others use "sync target" doesn't mean it isn't any good!

In addition to client / server connections Jopin also has a file system sync. This means that some more commonly used terms such as "server", "endpoint" and "remote host" do not really fit.

I have just had a quick scan through the forum search results for "sync target". Of all the many and varied questions that have been asked on this forum, "What is a sync target?" does not appear to be one of them :slight_smile:

“Synchronisation target” is clear and represent what he do, for me it’s good.
If you change that like “Synchronisation server” you need to make a second option for the “file system”, with probably a checkbox .
Or you can put “Select your synchronization option”.

I think it’s to the point. Nothing unclear about sync target.

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Great, thanks for confirming. As I’m not a native speaker I some times get used to phrases that are not really English, so it’s good to know this one makes sense. It’s also true that no-one asked what is a sync target so it must be clear enough.

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On the one hand I agree with people who has said it’s not terribly confusing. On the other hand, if we are going to be picky here, I think that “sync destination” is a better descriptor, as “target” could in theory, potentially be a little bit confusing to new users who just want to keep things saved on their device.

I’m not entirely sure I follow. A target can be local and does not imply being remote.

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