[Feature Request] Custom sync target


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Feature request:

Add a sync target where the user can specify an executable (and maybe a parameter list).
Sync would then execute this executable (with the given parameter list.


A lot of people (including myself) want new sync targets and sometimes have more complicated custom setups.
This is apparent when looking at the feature requests.
For people who can program, my suggestion would be a solution.
They could write a script and this script would do the synchronization the way they want.

I tried to do this myself, but since I don’t know JavaScript and syncing seems to be running via some file based api (and not just some direct function call), I am not able to do this.

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I think that would be too complex to implement, and too niche usage. The external program would have to support a specific interface to get/put/delete data and send back specific responses.

It would actually be easier for you to make your program behave like a WebDAV server and use WebDAV sync.

Why would it need to behave like this?
It would be executed and return success or failure.
As user it would be my responsibility to know the specific parameters.

Basically i want to push the backup into git in two different export formats:

  • markdown (so it is actually usable without Joplin)
  • jex to make it possible to import it again (without loss of metadata)