Allow PIN to unlock Android app

Hi -- I'm looking for an option to use the Android system backup PIN/Password as an added option to the Biometric unlock. Sometimes my fingerprint doesn't work well (its all on me, need to get a better screen protector), so having the PIN/Password option would be nice since there is a lock period after getting the fingerprint portion wrong a few times. This shouldn't require another setting to be coded in, as I believe it is available through the SDK as an alternate to fingerprint unlock option. I've seen it enabled in the bottom left of the fingerprint lock screen pop-up (ex. Microsoft Authenticator)

Also I did a search for this but nothing relevant popped up so apologies if I missed something

This is currently unsupported. See:

If you require a security measure like this on Android:

  • Use one of multiple different secure notebook apps that support this feature
  • Use an app locker
  • Use an app isolator
  • Contract someone to make a private build for you
  • Develop it yourself
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Thank you for the response. Will look at those options instead.