Questions password/pin and encryption


Before I start writing my questions, I want to thank the developer for this application.

Testing the application I have observed that it does not have to protect with password or pin access to the application to prevent unwanted looks. I understand that you can set a home screen lock pin / password, but this is very awkward when using other apps and requiring them to be in the background. For this reason, I would like the function of blocking access to the application by means of a password/pin to be implemented or that individual notes can be blocked; then, in this way, it would only block those with more confidential information.

On the other hand, I have tried to enable the encryption of the notes, but I have thought that, if the application does not have a password / pin, the notes files created by the application are encrypted in the flash memory? Because I am concerned that a knowledgeable person, even if they cannot access the application, may read the notes files that I have saved if the application saves the files without encryption.

I hope you understood me because English is not my native language, but I use the google translator.