All these constant restarts of the app, why?


this happens several times a day, and i don't think I'm overexagurating here but every single day since i installed. is it because I'm using webdav, is it due to addons? why is this happening all the time. and can i actually automate this? because pressing restart, then waiting for upgrade, then accept and close app and then finally start the app.

That's not normal at all. You may need to submit a debug log to get actual information on what's going in the background though (see

When creating this post there was a template asking for certain information to be included (part reproduced below). Some of this information could possibly be useful with regards to this problem as well as what plugins you have installed and if the problem still occurs without them.



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I am not saying that this is the cause but, after looking at your other posts, are you still using pCloud?

I ask as pCloud is an unsupported WebDAV provider. An upcoming Joplin version will prevent users who are not already syncing with pCloud from using it due to the problems their WebDAV implementation causes and so is something Joplin cannot fix.

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