Alarm is always disabled

Hello together,
after 11 years with EN and very unhappy about the new changes there, I'm very happy to find a solution which fit my needs.
I moved all my notes, about 10.000 to Joplin and all my tests looks very fine until now.
First syncing with Android is a challenge, but it's still in progress.

Only one thing I can't find out: Working under Windows 10 with Joplin 1.7.11 (prod, win32) Alarms are always disabled. So I'm unable to create an alarm. Any suggestions?

Thanks and all the best

For that long initial sync, you might find this app useful: ScreenOn

Many thanks. I didn't know that App. Great.
My sync is already done with only one error in case of a very big PDF File. Everything works fine until now and I only have the alarm issue.
Would be nice to get this work.

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