After update to 2.69 Win Firewall ask to allow


I just updated to 2.6.9 portable. After starting Joplin my Win10 Firewall wants to grant access.

this is the path:


Never had this before in all the years with Joplin.

Is this needed and intended? (I also have Joplin portable running my job laptop and for sure I neither will not am I allowed to accept any firewall rules.


This is no different from the 2.4.12 behaviour (just happened to have that portable one hanging around still to compare with), when the portable version runs it first unpacks itself to a temp directory in order to run.

Just realised the path you said is C:\temp\... whereas it is running from %TEMP%... for me (both the old and new versions).
If you run the old from from a different directory (so you don't mess up your profile) where is that process running from?

JoplinPortable.exe is running from another fiel only partition, not C:

Not joplinportable.exe, that isn't the main process - check your original message, the application is joplin.exe. Where is that running from?

In task manager go to the details tab, find one of the joplin.exe processes then right click it and press open file location. That will show you where it unpacked to.

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