After I upgrade the version of 2.6.9. S3 mode synchronization failed

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Sorry to bother you but here we have "unwritten" rule of posting logs only in text format. Could you please copy it from the console for me?
Also does the safe mod make a difference?

And what S3 URL did you use?

which is
This is provided by a cloud storage manufacturer in China.

when I used old version(2.5.12) of joplin,that problem will not happened.

Is that the complete URL? Maybe you need to add "https://" before it to ensure it is valid?

Sorry I have downgraded the joplin to 2.5.12.

I have tried. But If added that ,Joplin will hint that there is a mistake of URL.

There's also apparently an issue with the region being now required in the latest version, so perhaps it's a matter of adding this:

I have tried.But the problem is existed.

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