Adding, deleting, updating resources and syncing (encyption enabled)

Hi all,

Because my issue was closed ( I started investigating my resources folder on windows and ran into some situations which I would like to figure out.

Folder: ~.config\joplin-desktop\resources

Let’s assume I create a note and add a ODS file to the note and synchronize my notebook with my nextcloud server through webdav.

What I can see is that 2 files are created, an encrypted file and the file itself. For example: 6d38f785847349f2bc76791724b8d87f.ods and

On my nextcloud instance I can see the encrypted file but also:

  1. What should be the filespecs? It seems that for instance the create date is the current time for jpg’s and the originale create date in case of ODS files or PDF for example.

  2. What should happen when I delete the note and synchronize?
    I would assume (maybe with a lag):

  • Windows resource folder: Bot files are deleted
  • Nextcloud: both files are deleted.
  1. What should happen when I remove the file from the note? The same as above or is the result different?

  2. In case I update the attachment, the file is updated in the resource folder but the encrypted file is not changed, I assume this is the reason why I ran across my bug in the first place.

  3. In the resource folder I also found some encrypted files, but not the accompanying original files. What would be the scenario to get this result?

And finally, is there some page where everything about attachments is explained? Maybe I missed it, if it does not exist, I could make a start, would that be helpfull?