Add 'Window' to macOS menu bar

Hello hello,

Looking to do a pull request to add ‘Window’ to the macOS menu bar of the app–honestly kind of surprised it isn’t there already. I use the minimize shortcut a lot so I noticed its absence right away. It’s pretty standard for most macOS apps as you can see below:

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 9.45.09 PM

Probably would add ‘Minimize’ and ‘Close’ to it with the shortcuts. Is there a reason this doesn’t exist already?


Yes, because you can already use Cmd+H or Cmd+W to hide/close the window.

Yeah honestly my main thing is the Cmd+M for Minimize though, which definitely doesn’t work right now. I hadn’t actually tried close (and would probably never really use that anyways) but figured it might as well be added if I was going to try to add an entire extra dropdown.

Hmm, never thought that Minimize was that important when close and hide pretty much do the same thing. After it’s minimized, hidden, or closed one has to use Cmd+Tab anyway to get it back to the front.

But we’ll add a custom shortcut editor and then we probably could add minimize too.

Whoa you’re actually right… Hide is basically strictly better than Minimize and I’m probably just going to start using that from now on. Still, Minimize gets used and I think it would be worth adding.