Add Syntax Highlighting Support for Solidity Language in Markdown


I recently noticed that the Joplin app lacks syntax highlighting support for the Solidity programming language when used within Markdown notes. Solidity is a popular language for developing smart contracts on blockchain platforms like Ethereum, and having syntax highlighting for it would greatly enhance the development experience for users like me who frequently work with smart contracts and related content.

Why is this important?

Improved Readability: Solidity code can become complex due to its specific syntax and features. Syntax highlighting helps in visually distinguishing different elements of the code, making it easier to read and understand.

Enhanced Productivity: Many developers and researchers, including myself, rely on Joplin for note-taking, documentation, and organizing our thoughts. Adding syntax highlighting support for Solidity would streamline our workflow and enable us to create well-structured, easy-to-follow notes.

Growing Blockchain Development: As the blockchain and smart contract development ecosystem continues to expand, more individuals are getting involved in Solidity programming. Having proper syntax highlighting can attract blockchain developers to use Joplin for their note-taking needs.


I kindly request the development team to consider adding syntax highlighting support for the Solidity programming language in the Joplin app's Markdown editor. This feature would greatly benefit developers, researchers, and enthusiasts in the blockchain space, as well as anyone who interacts with Solidity code within their notes.