Add SpiderOak One as Sync Source


I was wondering if you would consider adding SpiderOak as a cloud sync possibility? I use it, and it’s pretty great.


I believe this setup wouldn’t need E2E, as SpiderOak segments/encrypts everything as a rule. Also, you have control of your private keys, whereas with other cloud services they have both your private and public keys… which basically makes them you… spurring the need for encryption on clouds in the first place. There are still MITM attacks, but if somebody is watching you that hard, you’re probably already screwed. lol



Hmm, if they are already doing E2EE it means they need a specific client to get it working, or they need the client to do some special crypto, which can be complex to get right. Basically it won’t really work with Joplin’s current architecture where API drivers expect to deal with non-encrypted data and encryption is done in another layer.

I see they don’t plan to support WebDAV unfortunately so that won’t be an option either (unless they change their mind).

The website seems quite new anyway (their platform page is still at the “early access” stage) so let’s see if it takes off first, and then we can reconsider.