Add Label under note's title

I think in an older version the feature of having the tags visible under a note’s title had been added but then was shortly removed.
I don’t know why,but it is an immensly useful feature.For example, I look at some unlabeled notes when on my notebook’s central view;I label them and then move on.After I return to Joplin and in my notebook’s view, I see the very same notes which I might try again to label them because there is no indication that they’ve been labeled already!
If at a glance could see the tags under the title, I would had avoided that!


Additionally it could be toggled by a menu item, o hide it for those who don’t like it.

I would very much support the return of the tags being visible & editable. As someone else has suggested, if this is made an option, it should satisfy everybody.

It was removed because if some issues in the implementation. (I think it was killing performance, but am not sure.)

This certainly is a feature that everybody wants, so chances are we’ll see it again; but someone will have to re-write it first.

Yes the CPU was running at 100% with this feature so it was disabled. The code is still there though, so maybe someone can figure out a fix.

Ah, I remember now. The contributor of the code said he/she would look into it, but it never happened. Too bad.