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[Feature Request: Android] Add the ability to set the note sorting/ordering type individually for each notebook/folder rather than forcing it globally

So, fairly self-explanatory in the title, but this is an issue that I have been bothered by for some time.

I have a considerable number of notes organized in very specific folders / directories. Depending on the type or reason for the note some are much better suited for one type of sorting or another (things with people’s names - alphabetical, hings based on daily recordings - chronologically, sayings where the most recent is accessed frequently - reverse order, and so on).

The issue is, because this setting is global, every time I am looking through one type and go to a new folder which has another “type”, I have to go and change the sorting. This seems like a small issue, but when you are doing it as many times a day as I am it becomes a noticeable inconvenience.

It seems like a potentially easy fix to juat use individual folder sorting? (I suppose you could keep a default global, or even add an option to set a global at any time, but if you change something individually with in the folder it only affects that specific one)



You can find a similar discussion here, too: Feature request - By-Notebook sorting preference

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Thanks for the info. Nice to see that other people are interested in a similar feature, not so nice to see that this has been proposed for so long without any action...