Accidentally deleted my info.json file i am unable to decrypt my notes please help

accidentally deleted my info.json file all that are left are my .md files i could not decrypt them back please help.

All my notes are being shown as encrypted and i could not decrypt them at all. I have the master key and all my notes files but the info.json file where the public and private keys are stored is missing

Hi there, sorry to hear you're having troubles,

It's probably obvious but I'll still ask, do you maybe have a backup of your unencrypted notes or at least some still synced device?

As for "hacking into" your own encrypted notes, I haven't heard anyone on this forum doing that and of course, it is not officially supported for obvious reasons...

Turns out i have a copy of my info.json file that i backed up into my cloud storage, when i started using.

But it will not be hacking into my own encrypted notes, still i need to know the master password to unecrypt the notes right? But it seems it is what it is for a reason. I understood why it is this way after reading the documentation provided by joplin Encryption | Joplin.

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