Accessing Self-hosted Joplin server using device IP address

Hi All,
I am looking to set up a raspberry pi with Joplin Server using florider89's image. I just want to access and use it in my local network using the Pi's IP address from another device on the same network.

In the docker-compose.yml file, there is a parameter called APP_BASE_URL. What would I need to provide it? I do not plan on making it accessible over the internet.

Additional Info:
I also tried setting APP_BASE_URL=192.168.0.x/joplin
When I visited the above link on another machine, I got an error "invalid login path" and I was given a link to go to the login page. On clicking on that, the url in the address bar changes to:
192.168.0.x/192.168.0.x/joplin {Ip address appears 2 times}

See my reply here Guide for Joplin-Server on Raspberry Pi - #21 by MrKanister

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