Joplin-Server specify on which interface/ip address listen


I just managed to get Joplin-server running.
But as I understood, it's listening on all IPs and interfaces of my server.
Is there a way to limit that ?


I use an nginx reverse proxy on the same machine as the Joplin server, so in the docker-compose.yml file I map the docker container port 22300 to localhost's port 22300, thereby keeping the exposed port "within" the computer.

    - ""

The nginx server block for the Joplin server then passes requests to

location / {
       proxy_redirect off;

I have not tried it but, if your proxy server is not on the same machine or if you are not using one, I guess that you could replace in docker-compose.yml with a static IP address for the interface on the computer that you wish to limit the connection to.


I got your point about nginx, but I still like to change the listening IP to a specific one,
pls look at netstat result on my linux with joplin no docker:

Sorry you have me beat. It seems you do not use nginx, Joplin is running but not as a Docker container and you have an IPv6 network. That's beyond me :slight_smile:

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