A note in "CONFLICTS" keeps appearing and disappearing when editing


this may not be a bug, perhaps I’m doing something dumb. I have a conflict between two notes and when I started to edit the note in “conflicts” it always disappears right after I type something. It then appears again once I refocus on something else in Joplin and go again to “conflicts”.

Is this expected? Should I even attempt to edit such a note?

Joplin Appimage
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (KDE Neon) 64-bit

Yes, I’ve noticed the same, I think it’s a bug.

Until it’s fixed, is there any reason why you are editting the note in conflicts? If you want to keep the note you can pull it out into a folder.

That’s strange. Could you add a bug in github for it Tango?

I wish I knew why I have those dumb ideas sometimes :upside_down_face:

@laurent are there any plans to improve the UX around conflict resolution? Currently I have to click around and search for the offending notes. However, Joplin already knows what's up, so it's more about exposing this to the user. Any kind of pointer to the conflicting note would be helpful.

A full blown diff would be better and there are many front-ends so ideally the user could add a diff command in a similar vein as the external editor can be added. But I imagine that this would have its own cost of implementing and upkeep and I'm not sure how many people would want this feature.

At least on mobile (haven’t hit conflicts on desktop yet), opening the CONFLICT notebook will show the conflicting notes’ names; they’re usually old versions that can safely be deleted for me, but ymmv