2024-07-06 - Do you recommend where to start resolving conflicts?

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Joplin 3.0.12 (prod, win32)

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Even with version 3 of Joplin, my problems with inconsistent data, conflicts, conflicts with attachments and elements that cannot be decrypted have not become any smaller.
A detailed description of all anomalies would be so complex that probably nobody would take the time to read and understand it in detail.

I wonder if anyone can give me a recommendation on where to start with the analysis and the solution attempts so that the problem at least does not get bigger every day. A fundamental problem is that about 20 new problems appear every day, and I probably won't be able to analyse even a single one of them in a day, even if I spend all my time on it. What approach has at least some chance of success?

What does it mean when I keep coming across elements whose element ID has changed at some point in the last few days, weeks or months?

Should I start by looking into individual problems in the Windows app or in the Android app?

Should I analyse the problems with the smallest number first (Android, 4 attachments that cannot be decrypted)?

Should I analyse the "Conflicts (attachments)" problems first ( Android and Windows and iPAD, 11 each - constant since 2022-06-28 ) ?

Should I analyse the "Items in conflict" problems first? The number is starting to explode again on Android: today at 2:05 p.m. it was 279, now at 3:05 p.m. it is 307 - I find that frightening.

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Late this afternoon, I chose a first problem for closer examination.

Based on this, I think the large number of conflicts are related to the frequently-changing updated_time. I'm linking to my comment on the other topic with a few notes related to that.

Would a mobile compatible conflict resolution plugin be helpful for this? (One doesn't exist, that I'm aware of, but if it would be helpful, I would be happy to look into creating one!)

Earlier, I started working on a simple mobile-compatible conflict resolution plugin based on @codemirror/merge. On reflection, however, I'm not sure how helpful this would be:

  • Showing the difference between a conflict and its note won't help resolve attachment conflicts.
  • It's difficult to manually check the diffs for each item in the conflicts folder.
  • A similar plugin for desktop already exists.

Yes, I think a plugin like that would help me.
In other words, without such a plugin, I'm blind in one eye.

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Seconding the request for a conflict resolution plugin, even though I rarely deal with loads of conflicts I imagine it would be really useful for certain situations

When coding having some kind of interactive merge conflict resolved is immensely useful and intuitive, not to mention easier than flicking back and forth between the two and taking what you need, and I think both technical and non technical users would benefit from an interface like that. And relatedly comparison, if not merging, functionality exists in Unix's diff and windows FC commands so automating the process to some extent is a well established need of stuff like this exists.

I'm linking to the work-in-progress diff plugin that should support mobile: GitHub - personalizedrefrigerator/joplin-plugin-diff-tool: Diff and conflict resolution tool that supports Joplin Mobile.

Edit: On the plugin website: Joplin Plugins - Diff view