2 quick APP questions

Folders don't show how many notes are in them in the APP... does this have a fix or a feature?

Can notes have "offline" ability to be read. I often like to read while hunting with no connection in the woods. Can I "download" a folder to a storage on my phone and read them? Or how can I do this?

Thank you

In iOS, Configuration > Tools > Sync Status, then scroll down to Folders section to see note count by folder.

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It’s the concept of Joplin, that all notes are stored on your devise. Just be sure you synchronise with your sync-target, before you loose connection.

Only for attachments, there are different options in the settings, but you can set Joplin to always download also every attachment of every note that is not there already, when synching.


Can I choose where they are stored? I'd like this to be my sd card if possible?

EDIT: it allowed me to transfer the APP and storage to SD card when clicking on 'storage"... good job