1.0.199 breaks JEX export?

As far as I can tell, 1.0.199 is not able to export Joplin export (.jex) files. When I click to export to .jex, nothing happens (at least not visibly to the user).

Other export options appear to work. Both Windows and macOS builds are broken.

Just tried it in Mac desktop (Catalina latest updates applied), and can confirm that JEX export doesn’t work (I click and nothing happens); while am able to export .md and raw, etc. options (usual behavior).

On Win10 x64 individual notes or several selected notes can be exported to JEX but the complete export (File > Export) which includes Notebook names does not trigger a save dialog.

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I can also verify on Artix Linux 64 bit too.

Running in debug mode, when clicking Export, the console throws this error right off the bat:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined
at Function.defaultFilename (/tmp/.mount_joplink3…ServiceHelper.js:99)
at Function.export (/tmp/.mount_joplink3…erviceHelper.js:129)
at click (/tmp/.mount_joplink3…app.asar/app.js:401)
at CallbacksRegistry.apply (callbacks-registry.ts:45)
at remote.js:286
at EventEmitter.<anonymous> (remote.js:276)
at EventEmitter.emit (events.js:203)
at Object.onMessage (init.ts:50)

Here’s the full log:
​log.txt (390.7 KB)

@CalebJohn, it seems to be due to the filename change:

	static async defaultFilename(noteIds, fileExtension) {
		const note = await Note.load(noteIds[0]);

noteIds is not set when exporting to JEX it seems.

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Yes, I got a bit of a shock seeing this haha I’m just finishing up a PR now.

Here’s the PR

For everyone that this has affected, the bug was introduced by a change that was intended to improve the default filename of exports (previously only pdf had a nice name). But I failed to account for the fact that some export types (notably jex) do not provide any noteIds or fileExtensions. Fortunately the fix is simply and should be integrated soon.