Zapier integration?

Zapier is a popular integration engine (this-to-that type of thing). Might be interesting to get Joplin officially supported by them. But then again, they probably rely on the reverse: application teams supporting Zapier. Anyway… I haven’t explored it much further than that, but I figured I would bookmark the thought here.

Does anyone have any experience with Zapier?


The shortest and best way to use Zapier with Joplin would have been with Webhook, so on Joplin side, there is nothing to do. It's just a matter of configuration. Let's have a look :

on zapier :

  • step 1 : select the service you want to use
  • step 2 : select the webhook template and fill the fields with the data zapier knows from the selected selected in step 1 (eg Twitter) you will want to put the tweet in the body and the url in the title (for example), finally you fill the URL field which allow Zapier to create a new note : http://localhost:41184/notes/?token=xxx
    And here the "zaps" (it's the name of the trigger you setup) will fail because Zapier will try to reach a service on their own server not yours.
    So all of this is not possible ... until you really want to and know exactly what you do (as it's not easy for anybody).. you can host your joplin on internet, on a hosting provider.
    Then you could replace http://localhost:41184/notes/?token=xxx by http://home-sweet-home.tld/notes/?token=xxx (for example) on the webhook template. Then each request of note creation that will arrive on that "public" URL will have to be routed to

But I wont recommand using Zapier (and not any other service non opensource service, like that for example IFTTT.Com) for that

If you have skill in a programming language you could help existing projects, like Huginn, that could do the job too for you and then you will keep your personal data in your hands

But If you feel good with all of that... go on :wink: