Are there Webhooks in Joplin Server? How can I trigger a process upon a few note?

Hey guys, I'm looking to build BPM around the Joplin Server and would like to know how to get a trigger to fire upon a new note being entered?

Zapier? I would rather a less than retail solution and would prefer a webhook.

Anything like that possible?

Not at the moment. The API is too unstable for now to be documented, so if you build something around it keep in mind that it might break easily.

Then focus on direct access to the data layer. We can probably setup a stable API platform like DirectUs. It has security, trottling, and so much more. Instant API for MySQL.

I'm trying to get a Docker guy to help but for now I'm having to figure it out myself, but what I could work on is if I can get a docker install with external MySQL. I put processes triggers in at the data level. Makes it easy to clean up data.

Direct access is even worse to be honest. It means nothing in the db schema can be changed without breaking the api, and a bunch of fields that should be implementation details would then be exposed.

I'm having good luck synchronizing data in huge tech stacks.

What I'm thinking about doing is putting Client on our Server and use the Web Clipper API Webhook to push new Notes to process.

Then push to other PC using Dropbox Sync.