Joplin module for TriggerHappy

Trigger Happy is now providing access to Joplin.
This project is an automation workflow like
Now Joplin can be used to store data coming from many others services, like Jong does from RSS, TriggerHappy does with many others like Twitter/Mastodon/Pocket/Pushbullet/Reddit/trelio etc etc etc :wink:


The reason why I made "Jong", "Jong_imp", "joplin-api", "joplin-web" is because Joplin does not provide a web app.
So I made one to be able to easily get my notes under my hands.
But one last thing was missing.
I can't use the joplin webclipper to grab page from anywhere, without having to export notes from somewhere other than home, and importing them back from home. (JoplinPortable exist for windows plateform and I don't have windows)

So to cover that needs, as the last brick in "my wall", I made a joplin module for trigger-happy.
Now Joplin is able to get the notes I grabbed from the web by using a service (likje Wallabag/Pocket) "as a data gateways" that will store the articles for me.
And now, without doing anything more than running trigger-happy from home, I could get the articles from wallabag/pocket into joplin.

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Awesome but does nothing for us regular day-to-day users who know nothing about how to use it.

may be because you never try ?

IFTTT supports Joplin?

No I spoke about IFTTT in case you knew it and if you knew it you can understand how TriggerHappy works too;) . IFTTT is an example of project supporting a big number of services to make them echanging data between each others.
For example

  • if you're a gamer and want to track news from that world you could use IFTTT to get articles from your favorites websites into Pocket to read them later.
  • if you publish blog posts ; IFTTT could post a link of that post on twitter/instagram/facebook/whatever socialnetwork for you
  • if you want to know if you can go out for skiing, IFTTT could warn you about the weather

and so on :wink:

You set that triggers once and then everything works all alone

As they like to write it "A world that works for you"

Apologies for the misunderstanding. I do know of IFTTT and how it works. I understanding the concept behind TriggerHappy.

TriggerHappy is python based, yes? There is no GUI. I don’t understand how to make it work. I use Windows, is there a tutorial somewhere? Always up to try new stuff.

It's a web application using django web framework :wink: so yes it's in python.
But do not install it if you don't feel the need of it.

That seems quite impressive, even though I don’t fully understand how it would be used. What would be the typical use case? For example, let’s say I’m looking at a Tweet, there would be an API in TriggerHappy to get that Tweet into Joplin? As a user, how would I do that?

@subi54, on Windows, I guess you could use WSL to install it.


my typical use case is :

  • as a provider (of data) : I put an RSS Feeds URL into triggerhappy about the python planet
  • as a consumer (of data) : I put a folder of joplin

then once a new RSS Feed is published, the engine of trigger-happy create a note in the folder I’ve setup.

With twitter I could track a hashtag #joplinapp for example, and create a note in joplin for each corresponding tweet . I did that for specific events like european django meetup with #djangoeurope

other use case :

  • If you use mattermost / slack you could published the issue events from github for example
  • if you use trello you could create card as soon as you create a github issue.

So, as a user, there are the 2 parts:

  • the installation
  • the configuration of your services (which is basically, activating the twitter service, joplin service, rss service etc) and triggers (a wizard guide you throw 5 steps)

If you feel better with docker (instead of the install process) you can build the docker image and run it

After that, a crontab (or the “at service” with windows I suppose) run a command to grab the data and another one to publish them.

all details are in the doc

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@laurent the use case would be like say you want to archive all your (or someone’s) tweets. When you tweet or they do, the tweet would automagically appear in your Joplin notes, say in a notebook named Tweets.

Or you can pocket an article and the article will also appear in Joplin. Same with reddit posts and whatever services are supported.

And thanks but I’m not familiar with Linux, I know to get it in extra services and then download Ubuntu but after that I get lost.

You can do stuff with IFTTT webhooks as well if you’ve an API key I think. Check it out.

if you have skill in ruby ; the excellent projet huginn is made for you

Huginn, like the (pair of) raven(s) from Norse mythology that bring information from all over the place to Odin, King of Gods. Good one.

I want to say yes but you’ll say something technical and I’ll be lost so, no I do not know Ruby either or any other programming language.

Thanks for the info, I might actually give it a try to track Joplin discussions on Reddit and Twitter. I see there’s no Hacker News support? Is that planned?

IFTTT does.

Hackernews provides RSS Feeds that's why I never thought about any API integration :wink:
Hacker News and there is also Redirecting to for other RSS about hn

Can you point us to the home of this application? Since you mentioned Django, I assume the Debian/Ubuntu package “triggerhappy” [1] is something else, right?

regards, GG

Sorry, I didn’t notice that you already posted the link: