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I have set the syncing interval to "Deactivated" in the Joplin config dialogue; expecting Joplin not to sync automatically anymore.
But this is not what I can observe; instead apparently

  1. Joplin syncs automatically after modifying content (not really wanted but ok)
  2. Joplin syncs when woken up/pulled to the front in Android (I have not made out a pattern here yet.

So apparently I cannot stop Joplin from syncing only upon command. Could someone please spell out the rules which govern the Joplin sync under Android when the syncing intervall is "deactivated"?


Better to use target sync provider "none" to avoid startup sync trigger

Is that really an option? Can I switch between "sync to Dropbox" and "none" without having to authenticate myself in Dropbox everytime I want to sync?

Authentication credentials are stored. Yes, you can switch between targets while not losing your authentification token

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Thanks @graphit0 for that; I didn't want to try it out lest I had to restart the authentication procedure.
I would however still like to understand which events trigger an Joplin sync if the sync interval is set to 0; any suggestions?

I can't say for sure, but in my experience it's startup event -- what else I don't know

The interval is only for the "timed" sync which pulls changes periodically from the sync target to keep it up to date. Joplin also syncs on first start to make sure it has the current sync target changes and will also perform "push" syncs when you change data on a note i.e. if you edit something you don't have to wait for the interval, it will sync that change to the sync target almost instantly.

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