Worsening input lag on Android after less than a page of typing

  • Joplin: Android, 1.2.6

  • Phone: Moto G5S+, Android 8.1.0 (latest update, unfortunately)

  • Issue: On a fresh install, syncing with an also fresh desktop install with just a few dozen short notes and notebooks, typing gradually lags after about 1/2 a screen of writing to the point where the keyboard is virtually not functional by the time I have 3/4 of the screen filled. This continues across the device until I restart the phone, even after Joplin is closed.

I love the functionality of Joplin and want to use this for note taking at work and life, but it's unusable when this is happening.

I am a first time user, so I don't know if the issue occurred in previous versions. I see in recent reviews that others have the same problem though.

The keyboard is GBoard with English and Japanese. I have only typed in English on Joplin.

I've found additional details and a workaround.

The lag is caused by a combination of using a Bluetooth keyboard and GBoard. It still seems to be a Joplin issue, because this lag doesn't occur when using the keyboard with GBoard in any other app.

The workaround: I tried using SwiftKey with the Bluetooth keyboard and found that the lag does not occur in this case, so I'll just switch to using SwiftKey instead of GBoard.

The keyboard in question is: Sanwa GSKBBT30BK