Word Count Tracker/Logger (i.e. additional words per week)

Hello! I know Joplin desktop has the Word Count inside the Statistics window, but considering it actually tracks "note history" (as well as time and date of synchronization), how viable would be tracking or logging the number of new words/changes or other informations?
Creating/updating a note with this information sounds too much, but something like adding a new tab on "Statistics" might be reasonable.
I use Joplin as my main writing tool and word count is extremely important for productivity and improvement, having the software itself registering something like "number of additions" per day or week would be insanely helpful!

OBS: it isn't about using "word count" to know how many changes I made to the document, it's about tracking or logging this information alongside other data (like date and time, already tracked by Joplin). The "version history" of each note, on Desktop, already tracks changes every 10 minutes, my point is making this information condensed per day/week.

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