Install options for Ubuntu

What's the preferred installation method for Ubuntu? I'm coming from Windows. Snap? Appimage? I want to make sure what I have is as full featured as possible. Did I see that Webclipper doesn't work in the Snap version? I'll be syncing a large database with Android, Windows, and a second Ubuntu instance.

The AppImage is the only officially supported version of the desktop app for Ubuntu.

You can check the README for a handy installation script and a link to the direct AppImage download if you prefer.

Thanks CalebJohn. Any advantages to the Snap?

Previously i was downloading .AppImage from releases page and had to rename, add to favorites and chmod every time so o ditched it to just
wget -O - | bash
(command is from README)

The thing with this command is that it also can install pre-release with
| bash -s -- --prerelease

I believe the snap auto updates.

Strict snaps such as Joplin are under a strict sandbox model, meaning both Joplin and any of the Joplin plugins can't have free reign over the system resources, they can't access private configuration files in your home folder and they can't access the webcam, etc.

This is a double edged sword, whilst most people don't notice, some people absolutely do. To enable printing, you need to give the snap permission for example, so every now and then people get frustrated not expecting to have to do this explicitly. More generally, the external editor functionality is entirely reliant on xdg-desktop-portal support and so you need to be able to graphically pick the editor and can't just type in random entries like /bin/vim; which causes some complications when apps don't properly expose themselves to the desktop so it can determine what's valid. (Flatpak does a bit better here).

Still, it's rated between 4-5* in ODRS consistently and there's about 9000 active users so far, so the vast majority of people likely can't tell the difference from the official version which is about as solid as you can ask for in a third party package.

The webclipper extension does work in the snap and always has, but I do remember writing a post a year or so ago where I said it's possible it didn't, but in reality I just hadn't got round to verifying that portion of the app yet and it's never actually been a problem.

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Thanks everyone. I appreciate the input. I think I'm leaning towards the snap, as I'd like to stay more seamlessly updated. I'm treating snaps as my second choice of installation method in general, after packages from the distro repository, which Joplin doesn't have.

Besides, I saw @laurent authorized the snap publisher in a post here, so it can't be that unofficial!

To be clear, it is not an official distribution and we won’t provide support for it.

Ok, AppImage it is then. Thanks.

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