Wifi or file sync

Pnone : Joplin 2.8.1 android 12
Laptop : 2.9.17 win32

I use joplin on phone but desperately need to sync to laptop version . I dont want to use any cloud , i want local sync by wifi , cable, export file import or similar .

Can you explain in simple terms how i do that.


then on your phone goto -> config -> synchro -> click on target -> and choose "file system". I think the rest is straight forward. If not explain the problem into which you ran ...
Good luck

Hi and thanks. The link you sent me explains all sync methods, all clouds etc, but said nothing about local wifi sync

I think all you need to do is try it. One way is .... in your home network setup a harddrive (e.g. one attached to your modem/router via its USB port), understand what address scheme to use in order to read/write files, et.c from a PC or your phone, once this works for you, enter this address into the config dialog described before and test it.
Are you looking for something else ? or sth more then this ? what could that be ?

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