Why isn't iOS Joplin downloading large MP4 from Dropbox?

I have been very happy for months with Windows Joplin Portable syncing via Dropbox with iPhone and iPad, never a hitch until this morning

Joplin Portable 1.7.11 (Windows 10)

  • 270 MB MP4 copied to note
  • exists in JoplinProfile\resources as 1d3907be38424b059b6cfbc423028961.mp4
  • plays OK in rendered view
  • is synced to Dropbox\Apps\Joplin\.resource as 1d3907be38424b059b6cfbc423028961

iOS Joplin 10.7.2 9 (iOS 14.4.2)

  • Synch target: Dropbox
  • Attachment behaviour: Always
  • 6 GB available in iPhone
  • Sync completes without downloading file
    • No item with ID 1d3907be38424b059b6cfbc423028961 is displayed when touch link in note
  • No errors in log file
  • Sync status - Resource 589/589 - why the discrepancy with:
    • Windows File Explorer showing 572 items (including the 270 MB MP4 file) in resources folder?

Any help appreciated

Joplin mobile will not download any resources larger than 100MB.

This was put in place back when there was a bug causing Joplin to crash on large attachments. It's been fixed for about a year now, maybe we should get rid of this limitation, @laurent what do you think?

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Thanks roman_r_m. I have been waiting for @laurent to reply hoping that he would relax this limitation. As he hasn't replied here are more findings.

It seems that although Dropbox's web view file explorer shows my 1d3907be3842bo59b6cbc423028961 file as being present Joplin Portable doesn't think it's there because subsequent syncs take a very very long time with lot's of LED twiddling on my Ethernet switch indicating that it's being transferred up there again.

To have Joplin usable again I had to delete the file via Dropbox's web view file explorer and delete it from Joplin's resource folder via Tools>Note attachments.

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