Why do I get a conflict when synchronizing?

Friends. I am trying to make synchronization via file system on my desktop computer. Everything works and is saved to the /home/user/my_note folder.
Then I sync via megasync with my laptop.
Then I try to connect joplin on my laptop with this folder and change one of the notes. But I get a conflict when saving.
The same thing I got when synchronizing my desktop computer and laptop via yandex-disk WebDAV https://yandex.ru/support/disk/webdav.html.

  • Why is this happening?
  • How can I see the logs (linux)?

That is, the files are synchronized I can change, but only with the desktop computer. With a laptop I can not change all the time there is a conflict. I work on linux/

Without logs it's hard to tell. Conflicts happen when the same note is changed on different clients without syncing. Then when the notes are synced one will hit the sync target first, so the other client receives a conflict which has to be resolved.