Which AUR version do people use?




which one do people use, and why?

... please

I have used joplin-desktop historically, but it seems to take a v.e.r.y. v.e.r.y. long long long time to build now. Like much more time than it took to install the whole ArchLabs OS itself.

Looking at the pkgbuilds the latter is just downloading the standard release binary (although it does extract it at some point which will take a little while) and the former is actually building it from source but it shouldn't take that long surely. It takes about 3 mins on my PC to build the entire project from source.

I can't say I use either but if I did I would probably choose the appimage one simply as it is closer to the official release in terms of support and the install/upgrade process is less likely to break.

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Thanks @Daeraxa
I used the appimage one in the end on this old ThinPad T410s with an SSD in the caddy, but its still pretty snappy with ArchLabs on it. I moved away after it took far more than 3 minutes, far far more, and then when I got back I had missed a password prompt and couldnt be @rsed to do it again.
But on the new ThinkPad T16 lappy I have joplin-desktop and it is absolutely fine, and do appreciate the work of the maintainer
I just wondered if it was an issue or something

I use the Flatpak version because the AUR version took too long. Seems to work fine on my end.

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I've the same problem with the AUR version. After 30 min I cancel the build process and use the flatpack. It works very well. :ok_hand:

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I've been installing ArchLabs on some other lappys and am now using the AUR joplin-appimage version, its much quicker to install

At least its not just me finding the joplin-desktop version slow to install

I didnt want to use Flatpak to keep things simple, but it obviously works

I am using "chaotic-aur/joplin-beta-appimage 2.10.8-1". The chaotic-aur repository delivers the compiled packages from aur as well as its own packages. In my case, as I use Garuda linux, it was preinstalled, but it's not difficult to add it.

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Interesting to hear which Joplin Arch versions people use
I am by no means anything like an Arch (or anything else :smile:) expert.
That's what's so good about ArchLabs, even a fool like me can use it. EndeavourOS is very good too in that respect, but I like the bareness #! feel of AL
I didnt know about chaotic-aur, I will investigate, thanks
I keep meaning to try out Garuda, will have to put it on one of my spare old 'Linux-rescued' lappys :smile:

As ever, immense thanks to the Joplin Team - I couldn't do without it!

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