Where is an exact location of "userstyles.css" in debugger?

Dear Developers,

Thank you for this project.
Although, as you may notice, there is no “userstyles.css” directives available in live source view in debugger. What might this mean?

This is how it looks like when “userstyles.css” contains section “pre” containing “font-size: 12px” line:

The CSS content is just inserted in a <style> tag.

Where? There’s no such as you may notice in screenshot. Already reviewed all tag inside debugger and nothing is there!

User CSS is not supported for HTML notes. You can check what type of note in the information dialog.

Sorry, but what are you talking about? https://jsfiddle.net/mtks6g4w/1/

User CSS is not supported for HTML notes in Joplin - only for markdown notes.


Sorry, there might be some misunderstanding, thus, can not get what both of your message mean.

userstyles.css works wonderful, is applied to rendered page and its effect is viewable, but the source of this userstyles.css does not exist in debugger while its effect does(exists in right panel of debugger) and is available to customize in real time using debugger’s controls as it should be.

Ah, I think I understand. But I don’t believe there’s a file called userstyle.css in the debugger, but I could be wrong. Maybe someone else has a better answer.