Where can I find the data format document

I am developing a third-party open source server that supports joplin. It provides synchronization services for joplin clients (desktop, mobile). It allows more users to upload, share, and synchronize data. However, joplin's synchronization protocol confuses me. If there is a document that can describe the details of the communication protocol between the client and the server, it would be great.

The available doc is under readme/, otherwise most of it is provided via the test units. Do you have a repo somewhere already?

Yes, I have pulled the code. However, I still cannot compile. I follow the development documentation, npm install seems to be successful.

However, my Androidstudio cannot open the project. I will provide Androidstudio's error log later (in a few days).
thank you very much.

I don’t know if my project violates the open source license? This project is licensed under GPL and can be used for commercial purposes. Now, I have not copied the code of joplin, my project is to implement the API interface of joplin.
Morenote can synchronize data for note software with different data protocols, without exporting or importing data. For example, I can use leanote, joplin, vditor, and any note editor to write notes at the same time. Morenote can build a bridge for them without importing or converting formats.
Of course, it would be better if I had a license that allowed me to use joplin code.

My open source project:
morenote (github.com)

other reference
Joplin sdk - Features - Joplin Forum (joplinapp.org)

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