Where can I download the latest version of JOPLIN for Apple phones?

Where can I download the latest update of JOPLIN for Apple phones? The app store has not been updated?

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The app store is the only channel, iOS releases aren't released as a package like the android APKs so if it isn't there then either it wasn't released or the app store is being slow.

Yes, the JOPLIN version in APP STORE was released a month ago. hope to test whether the sync function of IOS is fixed.

I wasn't aware it was broken? What sync target?


I assume you are referring to the cut off part about the S3 stuff (please just copy and paste text rather than screenshotting it) but I don't know if it will be a single magic bullet to fix whatever your issue is, it is my understanding that S3 sync was still working for people on 2.5.
Either way I think the 2.6 ios release simply hasn't hit the store yet as it still shows 12.5.3.

It should be in store now, I've just released it.

well done !

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