In which directory does Joplin store my notes?


I'm using Joplin 2.7.2 on a tablet with Android 9 and wish to know, in which directory Joplyn stores my notes.
Thanks for info - stardust...dust...dust

I believe it is in /data/user/0/net.cozic.joplin but you won't find any notes in there if you can even get there (unless rooted), it will be your database and file resources.

I thought something like this...:frowning: , that mean I have to use the regular Joplin synchronizing tools. I'd have liked to have the direct access to the data-directory and had the possibility to save my data with a foldersyc app where my datas are stored. In Obsidian, the user can define the place....

In theory you can use the filesystem sync target on Android, its just that it is still broken at the moment.

However if you were planning to access or edit those notes like you would with obsidian then this also isn't the answer you might be looking for as it is not designed for this. The files stored on the sync target aren't just 1:1 copies of your notes and editing them will likely break the sync.

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