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What's up for week 3?

I’ve reviewed the code and it looks good so far. Are there any roadblocks to continue with adding a shortcut recorder or other parts?


Hi @tessus,

Thanks for the review! It’s been going smooth so far. I mainly worked on the keymap handler module. It’s now possible to parse a JSON file and override the default keymap.

I’m currently working on writing more test cases for some edge cases. I’ll push my code to the branch as soon as I finish.

I’ll provide more details on my weekly update tomorrow.
Thank you!


Sounds good. Glad to see this project progressing — I find that good keyboard shortcuts make such a difference to my efficiency.

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Fully agree! I often don’t notice shortcuts when they are “just there”. But when I had to use an unfamiliar IDE for a day this week, I really noticed how many shortcuts I use all the time… great to see this going forward!