What sharing and collaboration features would be useful to you?

I'm still trying to get an idea of what sharing and collaboration features would be useful in Joplin. By this mean any way to share a note with someone else or have multiple users collaborate on the same set of notes or notebooks.

If a feature like this might interest you, I'd be helpful if you could describe: how would you use it? How would you expect it to work?

All these ideas might not be implemented right away, but it will inform how the development should happen for example by making sure that even if a feature can't be done now the software is done in such a way that it's possible to add it later on.

Any idea or suggestion is welcome!

I think there are 2 distinct use cases:

  • share with non Joplin users
  • share and collaborate with Joplin users

While the first one is pretty much handled by the Nextcloud plugin, the second one might not be so easy to implement. But I would see it like something similar to Live Share in VS Code. A way for me to share notes with my team and be able to collaborate if necessary.

During the last weeks I quite often exported notes to .pdf or pasted the content in Word to share it with colleagues and friends. In some cases I just pasted the content on Google Docs or Etherpad to collaboratively edit the document in real-time. In think the only way to make this functionality available for all Joplin users is some kind of web-app. That would be a huge task and I think out of scope for the project. I am not using Nextcloud for syncing so the Nextcloud plugin is no option and I belief there is a significant number of Joplin users not using Nextcloud.

So my usecase is about sharing with non Joplin users. But I would expect that there are many situations in which sync between Joplin users is useful, e. g collaboration in work teams. But for me personal it is not an important feature as I am using Joplin just for my private notes.

I don't know if I am in the minority or not, but collaboration is at the very bottom of my list. I never use collaboration in Evernote. I'm sure business users find it of use, but it's just extra baggage to me. I'd like to see core funtionality working better, before adding new bells and whistles.


For me I would share

  • recipes with my mom -> each one can add some. Maybe with a locked file during modification to get it simple
  • some useful computer (Linux) command with my brother
  • several lists with family and friends ( where to go , what to see, read , listen wishlist for Christmas)
  • todos , process or reports with colleague
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Not sure how practical it is, but the ability to export to .docx would be amazing. I've moved a lot of the stuff I used to do in Word to Joplin, but sharing it as a pdf isn't ideal sometimes for collaborative things like comments that Word has. Copy-paste works fairly well but usually messes up things like LaTeX equations and images. Again, I'm sure exporting LaTeX equations directly into Word is no small task but it would be very cool if possible.

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I currently use Joplin not professionally but only privately. But also here I am currently working e.g. with Google Jeep, because here I can share and edit shopping lists with my wife very easily.
If you work in different places it is very practical.
I would love to use Joplin more, but with two apps on the smartphone and two on the computer (here different ecosystems) it is too much of an administrative burden.
Regardless of that, I find Joplin simply sensational!

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@laurent , can I ask you to add filtering (searching) regular essence for shared notes? To use it in search and filtering.

For example: shared:1 and shared:0