What shall be shown in Website Plugin

As a request from PackElend, I create this post to discuss what shall be shown in the Website Plugin.
I've posted the rough outline for the info that should be shown in the devlog. And I believe it's better to list all the fields we need now.
Here is the list and its source:

  1. manifests.json from joplin/plugins

    1. name
    2. version
    3. description
    4. author
    5. keywords
    6. category
    7. app_min_version
  2. stats.json from joplin/plugins

    1. download count
    2. create time
  3. README from plugin creators' repo

Is there anything else that you want to add to the page or something is unnecessary to be included? Any feedback would be appreciated!

Might be better to propose something, and then ask for feedback about it?

Sorry, I'm not making it clear. This should be a separation from the UI post to continue the discussion of what should be included in this website.

Ok but it seems you expect people to answer your post and provide their opinion? (I'm not even sure?) It's very vague as it is, so maybe try to make the post self-contained, and add an actual question if you want some feedback.

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that is good news, @Retr0ve may you pick up this offer

beisded these could you work on a prototype, regardless its UI, to show that you are able to pull all information we wish to see.
It could be, that the GitHub readme etc. needs to provide information differently formated and so on...

Sure, I'm working on it this week.

As for images, we'll probably allow developers to specify one at some point. I think it's quite important especially we have a website like this to showcase the plugins.

In the meantime, if an image is necessary maybe you can set it based on the category. For example, a paintbrush for the "theme" category, a cog for the "dev" category, etc.


we would like to see a prototype which shows all the promised features.
Where information is missing you can use dummies.

You can use your plug-in, to show how it shall be presented on GitHub e.g. first paragraph, one to three lines describing it in nutshell, than pics or gif, then details, then installation ....


have look in VS Code Marketplace, it pull quite a lot of metadata #region folding for VS Code - Visual Studio Marketplace

Thanks for investigating this. I'll pull all the metadata available from the manifest.json and the README.md file from the plugin repo.

all right, but don't you intend to pull information from GitHub itself as well?

Yes, these data are from GitHub. And I'm pulling data using the Github API. I mean, these Infos are pulled from joplin/plugins repo and the README file, and maybe other relevant docs are pulled from plugin creators' repos.

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Just out of curiosity, why are you pulling README.md?, also you might want to look at stats.json as it contains download count.


Thanks for the hint, I'm aware of it, the trending plugins will be based on the stats.json. The README file is for detailed description of a plugin since it might be the only doc that some plugin provides.

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may you want to create a new topic to discuss what shall be shown, so that we discussed here how it shall be shown :slight_smile:

I would move anything below narF answer into this topic

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Hi all!

1. An interesting and viable thought:

  • My idea is that in addition to comments and ratings, we could have a way to advertise plugins.
  • For example, the Google search engine to make the first pages accessible charges an ad fee.
  • The same case could be used here, we could have plugin ads so that the community itself has the benefit of having the money invested in the community itself.
  • For example, I could donate money on the joplin plugin site so that my plugins are seen first. That would make sense, if I wanted more people to install it.

Would it be possible to do this?

2. What shall be shown in Website Plugin?

  • Number of Downloads
  • Number of Comments
  • Number of Ratings
  • Advertise plugins
  • Number of Installations

@Retr0ve correct me if I'm mistaken but the current concept does not allow this.
The website simply pulls the available plug-ins from the invotory site on GitHub and pulls additional information from each plug-in's repo.

The information required for Google to have each plug-in be well indexed has to be added to a plug-in's site (repo). I doubt that we can fill the plug-in website information of each plug-in to make them listed well on Google.

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Thank you all for feedback ;D But... I archived this idea of ​​paid ads and plugins. My current idea was just to show the number of Downloads, Comments, Ratings, Installations.