What? No support for * at protonmail. ch?!

Am I imagining this? It's been 2 weeks since I signed up for JoplinCloud, and I've yet to receive a confirm email for [my username] at protonmail dot ch...

I only received a confirm email for this forum after using a protonmail dot com email address. However, my cloud account and payment info is for the "dot ch" account. I am able to sign-in to that account, yet it is asking for the acknowledgment to the email allegedly sent to the "dot ch" account.

WIN 10 Professional
Joplin 12.5.3

Hi and welcome to the forum

At this point, some operations in the subscription process are not completely automated yet i.e. manually operated by a single overworked person joggling a bunch of things at the same time.
So far, in order not to share your personal info publicly, you may duplicate this message including details of your account (username, email).

Hopefully, as soon as it is possible you'll receive the confirmation email and be off to the races. In any case, thank you for signing up with Joplin Cloud and notifying about the problem with the email.


Thanks for the assist. Being a disabled IT professional, maybe I could donate some help as I am able, to relieve that poor individual, chained to a terminal with eyelids stapled open. Anything for a good cause/product...

Thank you for the offering, we do appreciate the support.

Due to limited scope it is hardly possible to precisely specify where the particular help is most appropriate. One thing is sure: the work is never ceasing.

The best we can do is to contribute as autonomously as we can (to save up the hours spent on management/bureaucracy in favor of development) in the things we're most confident with.

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Assuming I'm looking at the right account, I can see that three emails have been sent successfully so you might want to check your spam folder. Otherwise please send me a PM with your email address. There are several other users with a protomail.ch email address and I haven't heard of any issue with these.

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I appreciate your help. I'm in the US, and I recently had a problem with the .ch domain email account when setting up an online account with my local Court System here in Harris County, Texas that is used to access Case Files.

I have read through a ProtonMail Help article [protonmail dot com/support/knowledge-base/what-is-the-difference-between-protonmail-com-and-protonmail-ch/] that addresses the security concerns ( and valid concerns, they are ) that users operating around the globe have with the ProtonMail .com Top Level Domain essentially being under the control of the U.S. Government. After reading this article, I'm going to do more research on the .ch domain and it's functionality in the US when involving US govt accounts like the one for the local court here. I had to relent and just re-register using my ProtonMail dot com account to access its Online DB.

After 25 years of of everything from building my first PC in 1996 to being a Director of IT, NOC Admin, Data Center Admin, etc., my spam folder is always the first place that I look. I have no doubt that you see my emails on your end, but they never made it to my various means of ProtonMail access on either my Laptop, Micro PC or mobile app, and that now makes even me paranoid, lol, because I've been poking the bear that is the US Govt for about 4 years now regarding a personal matter. Well, it's personal to me and about 10 million others just in the States here, and who knows how many people have been effected around the world... Nothing will surprise me at this point in my life.

I appreciate that you took the time out of your no doubt very busy day to address my problem here. I had used the same dot ch account to sign up for Joplin Cloud, and I have a charge to the account used to set up payment for that JCloud account. However, I can't use it until I verify my email, lol. I can login to it. I Just can't use it, yet...

Any other suggestions or help from either you or any other users here would be appreciated, regardless of how complex, simple or off-putting...


At laurent: I am unable to send a PM as New Users Are Not Allowed To Mention Other Users.

Possibly because I have not been able to verify the email address?


I've sent you a pm.

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