What is the status of the design discussions?

So I remember a few months ago (or maybe one month ago?) there was a topic about re-designing Joplin since the UI wasn’t that though true (from @laurent, if I remember correctly), what ever happened with that? I can’t seem to find the topic anymore. Did it die out?

The desktop UI has been significantly improved since then, though there’s still some work to do. Rather than a complete re-design I prefer small incremental changes. This is mainly because a full re-design would require a designer to spend quite some time on it and, so far, although there were good attempts, none of the proposals were quite there. I think it’s a lot harder than it looks to make a complete, beautiful and usable design for this kind of app.

The mobile UI is also being improved now and likewise it will be small incremental changes.

Finally, there’s still the logo that I’d like to update but haven’t really looked into it yet. Help is welcome for this.

Ah, that sounds cool! Is it already released, or possible to see some screens on it? Just out of curiosity.

For the desktop app? The changes are already in. For the mobile app, they are work in progress but there’s already a release as APK file.

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