What is the simplest Joplin backup method?

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I've been reading some interesting threads like this:

I am quite a beginner but I use Joplin with webDAV and on my NAS I have the directory of all Joplin files. My question is, if something happens because Joplin is deleted, I have a backup of the Joplin directory (folders lock, temps, files like md ...). If I install Joplin and go back to the Joplin backup directory, would it work? Or is it something more complicated?

It is that with command I can not understand it but if so it would be quite simple.

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I make a complet Backup of the Joplin WebDav folder every night and daily a backup with the Simple Backup plugin.
The WebDav backup is for me my disaster recovery (Like deleted all nots) and for all other use cases I use the data from the Backup Plugin.


Thank you very much partner! The plugin is very useful and has great features!!

One question that remains for me, if I have my data in a folder on my NAS server (folder where Joplin connects to use notes) and I backup to that folder, is it exactly the same as the plugin does, right? (With less features in this case compared to the plugin)


No, the plugin creates a JEX export which can be imported into existing Joplin instance. The files of a synctarget backup can only be restored as a synctarget and overrites all data, don't try to edit replace files in the synctarget.

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Thank you friend!
Can you explain me what do you mean when do you say "sync target"?

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The target with which your clients synchronize

Now I understood you. Thank you very much, the plugin you recommended works fantastically well. There are so many good people who contribute so much ... :slight_smile:


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