What is meaning of "Share" from the three dot menu?

I am on Android 8.1.0; Joplin 1.3.13;

I want to send a note from Joplin app on my phone via bluetooth to my desktop computer.
The transfer works fine: I hit
=> three dot menu
=> Share
=> Bluetooth
The file that transfers is indeed the note I'm sending, however it's saved in .html format on my desktop/download folder, so not working with the AppImage ("executable") joplin on my LInux Desktop.

what am i missing? Specifically:

  1. How come the note doesnt' go over as *.md?
  2. Even if i rename the saved html file as *.md and "import" it from the desktop Joplin program as .md file, it doesn't preserve the italics etc. how come?

Disclaimer: I'm not the developer and not affiliated

I'd say the share feature is meant to share the content of the note with basically anybody, especially people who do not have Joplin installed. Every device has a browser, so sending a note as HTML (=website) makes it much easier for anybody to open the file, as not everybody can open .md files easily.

I've seen in another thread that you've started to use synchronization to keep note consistent between your phone and desktop, this is the way to go.

I guess it would be kind of cool to have "share as MD" vs "share as HTML" in the menu, but I do like keeping it simple also