What editor do you typically use when using Joplin?

  • Joplin Markdown Editor
  • Joplin WYSIWYG editor
  • VSCode
  • Atom
  • Subline
  • Vim
  • Emacs
  • Brackets
  • Notepad
  • TextMate
  • Other

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You should specify a poll closing date or at least tell us when you will be closing the poll.

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Is there anything wrong with leaving it on all the time? If I can't leave it on all the time, I'll probably turn it off after a month

A poll is usually used to get a statictical analysis of a target group. But you know how the saying goes:
Never trust a statistic you haven't faked yourself. Meaning that you can always present the data out of context and/or to your advantage.

Personally I always smell something fishy when I see a poll without a closing date, but that's just me - old paranoid me.

During a poll it is very much possible that at a certain time only a certain answer might be chosen. This means that the result at that point is a statsitical outlier and does not represent the average use case.
But if it is something you favor, you could just close the poll and say: hey look, people are using this editor the most.

Specifying a closing date makes such "tampering" more complicated.

Keeping a poll open forever is also not a good idea. A poll should capture a current direction. This doesn't work when it is open forever or a very long time. A month is already quite long, but still feasible I think. Although we have enough people visiting this forum on a daily basis thus it might not even be necessary to keep the poll open for a month to get enough votes.


A poll needs to have a closing date just because people need the result to make a decision. This poll is just a statistic that people may love to see and vote at any time. What if at some point in the future, says in 10 years, you want have a rough idea of which editor will have been the most common one. You can't use this 1-month lasting poll or create another 1-year lasting poll to conclude because it does not take all the people who have voted into accounts. I see nothing wrong with leaving a poll open forever.

why is Typora not an option?


Sorry, I forgot. . .

In fact, there are not many people who visit the forum and vote on it at the same time. It has been a week, only 40 people, and only 160 people a month, which is less than 1/10 of Joplin users, right?