What's your favorite external editor?

What external editor do you use with Joplin?

I often see folks talking about Typora a lot. What else?

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ref: What editor do you typically use when using Joplin?

I use Ghostscript for when I need features the core editor doesn't have, such as search and replace and export of a note to other formats, such as .odt.

This is interesting.

In fact, it makes for an interesting question:
Use cases for using an external editor :slight_smile:

I use Typora too but there is a major security issue. In addition to the file being stored on the disk unencrypted, Typora quietly also saves multiple drafts for versioning (in Appdata/Roaming\Typora\draftsRecover in Win10) and leaves them behind even if you exit gracefully. I discovered a year's worth of drafts sitting there. I don't think you can switch that feature off and I reported it to Typora's devs.

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I use Mark Text.


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Notepad++ with the MD extension

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Ha, I have used Notepad++ for sometime but never new there was a markdown ext. Thank you…


I use Vscode, because of the vim plugin here. The surround function (surround a word or sentence by vim keybindings) and other things like gr to replace words.


Also use Notepad++ (and from now on also with the MD ext.)

I am using VSCode. With a lot of extentions I am able to write fast md and also a formating tables etc. is available.

notepad++ for the way it handles files. its a great swiss knife tool to write something quick down and have the autosave handle it without having to worry about archiving stuff.

i'm looking into using vscode notebook for the way they handle code and markdown sections. seems like the goto tool for my needs to write a lot of code snippets. code highlighting support would be much welcomed.

joplin's cross device and platform features are still irreplaceable for me.

Just started to use ghostwriter. It's open source and lightweight; loads quickly and I can use a non-monospace font. I switched to this because Mark Text takes forever to open.

Notepad++ on MS Windows 10
BBEdit on Mac

They are essential plain text editors on their respective platforms for any developer.